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Hi Friends, 👋

Welcome to my blog. I am Radomir and I work in technology company as mid-manager. My life passion is productivity, balancing between work and personal life, and dealing with body and mind energy. This includes exercising, mindfulness, meditations, yoga, or food.

What was my path?

For more than eight years my biggest focus has been in productivity topic. I started with a book The End of Procrastination. This is a great guideline how to deal with procrastination, learn new habits and remove timewasters. It was originally in Czech, but Petr Ludwig translated it to the other languages as well. Now it is available in English and other twenty languages. Right after, the biggest life impact had a passing of a course 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This together with GTD – task management system, gave me a perfect basis to build a new perspective. Now I am looking at this topic with completely different view. Using this opportunity, I started to read blogs, articles, YouTube videos. Additionally, I follow people who have a same point of interest through their available channels – RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter.

And why I started blogging? 🤔

Hmm, this is a long story, but shortly, I got a fantastic opportunity to share my experiences in public workshops. This pushed me again towards other research and raised my focus into these topics radically. Now after many years of challenging work, I would like to share the experiences with you.

What you are waiting for now? Just grab a coffee ☕, or green tea 🍵 and start with reading blog posts. But remember that in each post you learn, do, or ask yourself for five things. Take a pen, or digital notepad and be prepared to use your brain. Before you quit a reading, I would be more than happy, if you have in hands your own notes. This could be a theory summary, answer to questions, or ideas and tasks how to continue towards this topic.

If you find a mistake, or you would like to discuss the posts more deeply, contact me directly. You can use comments below the posts or write me an email. ✉